Course Overview

Price: £35

This particular course will provide an underpinning knowledge to candidates to support them and their organisations along with responsibilities for adults in social and healthcare setting. Candidates will be able to explain “Safeguarding” state, reasons, where abuse can happen.

Course Duration


Targeted Audience

This particular course targets the audience like healthcare professionals, adult nurses, children nurses, mental health nurses, midwives, doctors, and health visitors.

What does it Involve?

    Indicators of all types of abuse.

    Communication, Information Sharing and Confidentiality.

    Concerns and Disclosure

    Duty of Candour.

    Principles of Nursing.

    Need of Safeguarding.

    Duty to Safeguard Adults.

    Professional Duties and Responsibilities.

    Legislation and Professional Accountability.

    Professional Code of Conduct.

    Safeguarding Principles.

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