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This particular course is designed to explain law, ethics, accountability, documentations, record keeping, in order to explore the concepts of common laws along with ethical responsibilities to develop skills like critical thinking.This course is ideal for starter as well as experienced staff to perform their duties in private as well as government healthcare organisations. This particular course will provide law, ethics from NMC and department of health in the United Kingdom.

Course Duration


Targeted Audience

This course specifically target doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals in various disciplines.

What does it Involve?

    Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

    NHS Constitution.


    Data Protection Act 1998.

    Information Governance Review.

    Prevent Duty Guidance in England & Wales.


    Law of Consent Pertaining to Children.


    Child Abuse.

    Professional Code of Conduct.

    Principles of Nursing Practice.

    Recordkeeping and Documentation.

    NMC Powers.

    Role of NMC Investigating Committee Panel.

    Principles of Delegation.

    Health Records.


    Police Access to Medical Records.

    Freedom of Information Act.

    Information Sharing Protocols.

    Ethical Aspects of Resource Allocation.

    Mental Capacity Act 1984.

    Mental Health.

    Equality Act.

    Police and Criminal Evidence Act.

    End of Life Care Decisions.

    Computer Misuse Act 1990.

    Law (Criminal Law vs. Civil Law).

    UK Criminal Court System.

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